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Foot Massage

MiyabiThe soles of the feet are the locus of numerous acupoints that connect to each of the body’s organs, and are therefore a key part of our body.

However, the feet are often subject to excessive strain, for example if you work standing up or sitting down for extended periods.
The foot usually has the worst circulation, and is prone to swelling and fatigue.

Since only a small area needs to be treated, a foot massage is a very convenient and effective way to feel refreshed after a tiring day at the office.

Effects of Foot massage:
  • The feet are known as the “second heart” and  foot massage improves circulation.
  • Enhances your body’s natural healing ability
  • Speeds up metabolism and accelerates the removal of waste products from inside the body
  • Relieves stress through applying just the right amount of pressure
  • Foot massage alleviates swelling in the legs, poor circulation, constipation, troubled skin, tiredness of the eyes, stiff shoulders, etc.

This course can be combined with our Aroma massage course or Relaxation Course.