Miyabi Massage Melbourne CBD Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens when you come to Miyabi?
1.Course selection: We will ask how you feel and what kind of massage you would like.If you have any queries, please ask!

2. Payment
: The charge for your treatment is pre-paid. If you decide to extend your massage, you may pay the additional charge afterwards.

3. Treatment (the times stated in the Massage Menu are the treatment times): Take your time to enjoy the ultimate soothing and relaxing experience. For oil massages, a hot towel is used to carefully wipe off the oil after treatment.

Can I get a massage without an appointment?
Clients with appointments are given priority, but feel free to simply turn up. However, if we are busy, you may have to wait or you may not be able get your preferred time. Therefore, we recommend booking an appointment in advance.

Do you have showers?
At Miyabi, we use steamed towels. We use a large number of steamed towels both before and after treatment. Before treatment, this stimulates overall circulation and enhances the massage effect. Further, after an oil massage, we thoroughly wipe the oil away so you will not experience any unpleasantness from oil sticking to your skin.

What are your opening hours?
We are open Monday-Friday until 9.00 pm, and on weekends and public holidays until 7.00 pm. We accept telephone bookings Monday-Friday until 8.30 pm and on weekends and public holidays until 6.30 pm. Please be aware that if you arrive just before closing time, you may have to opt for a shorter course. It will depend on the booking situation, so if you plan to arrive after 7.00 pm on a weekday, please call in advance.

Are all massage rooms private?
Yes, all massage rooms at Miyabi are individual, private rooms. In order to provide the ultimate in relaxation, we use a massage table or Japanese-style futon for all massage courses including the 20-minute Quick Massage.

Can I pay by card?
Yes. However, please note that we only accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards.