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Shiatsu style

(The Paramount / Abbotsford/ On Boukre)

Shiatsu style massage is a traditional Japanese hands-on therapy that involves correcting irre...

Aroma/Deep Tissue

(The Paramount/ Abbotsford/ On Bourke)

MIYABI uses Australian-made 100% organic essential oils.

Aroma Massage is a full-body ...

Relaxation Massage

(The Paramount/ Abbotsford/ On Bourke)
Our relaxation massage course utilizes a range of lymphatic massage techniques.

These techniqu...

Oriental Massage

(On Bourke)
When having our Oriental Herb Oil Massage, you will experience the combination of Relaxation massage and Oriental Herb effect on so...

Japanese Foot Massage

(The Paramount/ Abbotsford/ On Bourke)
The soles of the feet are the locus of numerous acupoints that connect to each of the body’s organs...
(On The Paramount)

Deep tissue Aroma Oil Massage + All natural Body Scrub 15mins

Hana Course

Hana Course
Especially recommended for those of you who work with computers all day,with stiff neck, shoulder, lo...