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(The Paramount/ Abbotsford/ On Bourke)
Our relaxation massage course utilizes a range of lymphatic massage techniques.

These techniques increase lymph flow while relieving muscle tension, and decongest lymph pathways facilitating the removal of waste products that build up inside the body.

The result is to improve your physical health as well as maximise your beauty potential.

For your relaxation and comfort, all MIYABI massage rooms are private and we choose gentle background music  that enhances wellbeing.

Relaxation massage is recommended especially for people with persistent  muscle stiffness such as in the neck and shoulders, or swelling. 

We recommend at least a 60-minute treatment if you want to benefit from total relaxation and a thorough alleviation of stiffness. 

In addition, if you choose the 90-minute or longer course, you will also receive a free “aromatic bath”,  which is a method of enjoying the aroma of essential oils by sniffing them and absorbing them into your body. When you sniff the aroma of the essential oils, the information is transmitted to your brain, which then gives rise to a physical and mental relaxation
effect. In this way, even people who do not like applying fragrances directly to their skin can enjoy the smell of essential oils.

If you want to experience the effects of essential oils, try our Aroma treatment course.