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(The Paramount/ Abbotsford/ On Bourke)

MIYABI uses Australian-made 100% organic essential oils.

Aroma Massage is a full-body oil massage treatment using essential oils diluted with base oil.

Essential oils are 100% natural aromatic ingredients, extracted from flowers, leaves, fruit skins, and bark.

They are known for their rich fragrance and medicinal properties.

The active ingredients of these essential oils are absorbed through the skin providing direct health benefits, including improving circulation and metabolic function.

At the same time, the physical contact of a massage has an enormously soothing and relaxing effect.

The active ingredients of essential oils and the massage techniques of MIYABI staff will relieve your tiredness and you will understand the meaning of true relaxation.

After discussing which parts of your body feel tired and your preferred fragrances, we will prepare the particular blend of essential oils tailored to your needs. Effects of essential oils include: Control of the nervous system (relaxation and rejuvenation) Strengthening of the immune system Regulation of hormonal secretion Regulation of the digestive system Sedative and analgesic effects Deodorant, antiseptic and antibacterial effects