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Japanese Relaxation
Our relaxation massage course utilizes a range of lymphatic massage techniques.

Aroma Therapy
Aroma Massage is a full-body oil massage treatment using essential oils diluted with base oil.

The foot usually has the worst circulation, and is prone to swelling and fatigue.

The technique promotes good health and helps to treat certain medical conditions.

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  • Visit very frequently, girls are always great and friendly. I have brought many friends along and they have all been equally as impressed.   (read more)
  • Very good. Very relaxing.   (read more)
  • Excellent massages, quality customer service. I alway walk away feeling better, and can keep my old body on the running track.   (read more)
  • Always an excellent and well- considered treatment. Thank you.   (read more)
  • Miyabi is the best massage place. I know of the service and demeanour I received from staff is exemplary.   (read more)
  • This is my second visit and I am very happy with the service. The therapist is an excellent therapist and I hope to come again because I know I can rely on her to provide a professional service.    (read more)
  • Visit very frequently, girls are always great and friendly.   (read more)
  • Amazing, got me through my day!   (read more)
  • Massage at Miyabi has been constantly high quality. The service is always excellent, the staff are welcoming. I would highly recommend Miyabi to anyone that would like to a relaxing   massage.    (read more)
  • As I walked in to Miyabi, another girl was walking out and said to her therapist, "That was the best massage I've ever had!" and I thought, "Whoa! That's setting the bar high for mine to come." But the massage I received certainly lived up to the high expectations set. My therapist asked beforehand   (read more)
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